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Executive coaching to help leaders leverage inclusion for better business results

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Next-Level Inclusive Leadership is an executive coaching program, tailored to the unique development needs of each leader and the diversity of their organization.

Our sole focus is on leaders and a customized approach to the real change they need to make internally (Head & Heart) and in their actions (Hands) to become an inclusive leader and build a truly inclusive organization.

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Who It Is For

Senior leaders (C-Suite and the pipeline of high-potential individuals), particularly those who:

  • Run a business with increasingly diverse customers/consumers, expatriates, those moving from a local- to a global role, etc.

  • Have mastered business and technical skills but need to become more inclusive to advance to the next-level.

  • Are very talented but have run into business challenges and/or performance issues related to inclusion.

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How It Is Unique

  • Designed and led by DE&I experts/coaches with 50+ years of combined global experience.

  • Customized for each leader’s development needs - not a “one-size-fits-all” approach - meeting the coachee where they are.

  • Utilizes the diverse resources in the leader’s own organization and community – e.g. employee resource groups (ERGs).

  • Knowledge, awareness, and skills applied in real-time, for each month’s coaching topic.

  • A 1:1 conversational exploration that is interesting, fun and sometimes challenging, but not a slog of drudgery and homework.