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Our Mission

We provide expert executive coaching services focused specifically on diversity, equity and inclusion to C-Suite leaders, development pipeline candidates, and DEI Professionals across a wide range of industries and cultures.

Our Purpose

Guiding organizational leaders to take diversity, equity and inclusion to the next-level, where transformational impacts and progress are made to their business, organization and customers/communities they serve.

Our Values

Continuous Learning

  • We extend our intellectual and academic knowledge, professional training and life experiences for the benefit of our clients.

  • We actively seek the latest research, data and trends in order to look to the future.

  • We constantly revise/revisit our content and methodology in order to stay engaging and relevant.


  • We use our Head by thinking exponentially, not linearly.

  • We use our Heart by exploring and facing fears and biases.

  • We use our Hands by embracing challenges and defining/taking actions.


  • We provide a confidential and safe space for discussions and to ask any type of question.

  • We do not judge when others reveal their goals, values or biases.

  • We help others grow and develop by stretching them out of their ‘comfort zones’.  We are mindful of and stay clear of their ‘panic zone’.


  • We are good listeners. We listen for what is said (verbal) and what is not said (non-verbal).  We listen more than we speak.

  • We are mindful of the client and context, always asking ‘what does the learner need?’ and ‘what will be most useful to this person?’

  • We bring our whole selves to work, with every client and in every conversation. 

  • We believe people grow through connection AND challenge – with their coach, with individuals in their organization and with their families and communities.


  • We are open-minded and adopt an inquisitive "Why?" and "Why Not?" mindset. 

  • We go beyond accepted ideas and weigh information carefully and objectively.

  • We ask the harder questions in order to effectively meet objectives and create valid and practical solutions.

  • We have a healthy bias for action. 

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